Olivier Gondry

Olivier was born in Versailles. He has two older brothers, Michel and Francois. His family background is technical and musical: technical from his grandfather, an electrician and an inventor, and his father, an electrician and computer engineer; musical from everybody – mum, dad, granddad.

In 1976, their dad took over the store of his father-in-law, the grandfather; but half the items were not in the store, they were at home. So, the three brothers started to play music in bands. Meanwhile, Olivier learned computer programming from his dad. That became his job. Michel started to do music videos for his own band, then for others. Francois started a company to print t-shirts for his own band, then for most of the underground bands in France. Olivier kept music and programming as his two parallel lives.

In 1982, the 3 brothers did a party that their friends still remember. Olivier did a light show with 50 light bulbs, controlled by an Apple II computer. Olivier and Michel programmed the patterns together. Fourteen years later, they did it again on a bigger scale: Daft Punk’s “Around The World” video.

At the time, Olivier was doing technical things like that for Michel and some other French artists he knew from his girlfriend Lili, an artist too. Michel pushed him to use his computer skills to do special effects. Olivier started at BUF, then moved to L.A. and worked at Method. He and Michel started a company, Twisted Laboratories. Olivier did Michel’s effects for a couple of years. After they did “Star Guitar,” Michel thought Olivier should try to direct his own videos. And he pushed him. It worked and since then, Olivier has been doing music videos and commercials.

Olivier Gondry